Schedule of Events

Friday, July 29, 2022:

9:30am Eastern – “7 Tips to Best Utilize Your Breathing” with Jacinthe Forand

10:30am – “Making Meaningful Musical Moments” A Masterclass on Open Solo Repertoire with Susan Hoeppner

1pm – Social Lunch

2pm – “La Belle Flûte: Exploring the French School of Flute Playing”  (How our history and traditions began) with Ransom Wilson

Saturday, July 30, 2022:

9:30am – “My Approach to Playing Beethoven Orchestral Excerpts” with Joanna G’froerer

10:30am – Powerful Piccolo Fundamentals through Repertoire: A Piccolo Masterclass with Jeffery Zook

1pm – Social Lunch

2pm – A Panel Discussion with Jeanne Baxtresser

Sunday, July 31, 2022:

9:30am – 24 Melodious Warmups: Warmups can be FUN! with Joan Sparks

10:30am – “Blowing Down Tubes for a Living: The Portfolio Career Flutist” with Gareth McLearnon

1pm – Social Lunch

2pm – Competition Winners Announcement